November 2007 - An update from Paula Lee and King Solomon II

Nutwell Saddlery are proud sponsors of Paula Lee and her horse, King Solomon II. Here's an update on their competitive activities in 2007...

Paula Lee and King Solomon II

King Solomon is still on top form and has had a wonderful season. Now 19 and still as fit and sound as ever, an amazing achievement in its self after all of the mileage he has done in his career! His year started on a high by coming 6th in the Medium Open at the South West Winter Regionals . Then going on to Qualify for the Summer Regionals, the Hickstead Dressage Masters, the 2008 Winter semi finals and the Petplan Area Festival.


I had two major dilemmas, one was the competition had been rescheduled from July to August, due to the adverse summer weather. This meant it ended up being 3 days before our Regionals, should I do Hickstead, Regionals or both?! In the end I decided Hickstead was a wonderful opportunity and one not to be missed, but I would also enter the regionals and see how Solly felt. The second was whether to travel up on the day or the day before, and stable over night, eventually I decided to go up on the day as Sunday would be the better day to travel and after seeing the stables we definitely made the right decision! The day started bright and early and we set off from Nutwell at 3.30am. After only 10 minutes on the road we got stopped by the police who thought we were illegally moving cattle, after some checking they were happy we weren’t and we went on our way! We had a great journey up with no other hold ups and arrived in plenty of time, We were luckily on early in our class, as it turned out to be a very hot day, Solly produced a very solid test and felt just great. He stayed in 3rd for a very long time but eventually ended up in 7th, I was so chuffed with him as it was seriously good competition and he really held his own! We just missed out on the mounted prize giving which was 1st – 6th a bit tight I thought – poor Solly, he loves the prize givings!

Summer Regionals

Solly felt so good after Hickstead that I decided to go, I had given him Monday off after Hickstead, Hacked him on Tuesday and then his Regionals were Wednesday. I worked him in lightly as I thought he might be tired - Big mistake! He went into his test with a spring in his step, we went down the centre line feeling like we were about to go around Badminton! We managed to halt at X beautifully square but as we moved off to start our test he could contain himself no longer! Our first few movements were performed sideways in canter – not quite what was required! The rest of the test was spent containing him, it was really quite funny and I couldn’t help but smile, he was clearly enjoying himself and at his age he deserves to! Horses are such great levellers.

Paula Lee and King Solomon II

Petplan Area Festival

This was held at The Grange E.C. one of my favourite venues. Solly had Qualified for the Advanced Medium class which was a small but quality class. I had already decided that as Solly’s flying changes aren’t his strongest point, that I would pick up my marks where ever I could and just enjoy the outing. Solly did a lovely test, he was very accurate and really seemed to enjoy it, it must of showed as he ended up winning! What a star! This now qualifies him for the Petplan Finals, part of the British Dressage Winter Championships in April which are to be held at Hartbury College for the first time. We then went on to do our first dressage to music test, he really danced to the music and came second with a 72% and qualified for the Regionals in February. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed competing so much, it was just a wonderful day.

Mary King was over the moon with Solly’s success, and loves to hear all about his competitions. She still visits him regularly and will be borrowing him for the Equine Fair at Westpoint on November 24th & 25th.


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