Nutwell Saddlery specialises in supplying and fitting new saddles across Somerset, Cornwall, Dorset and Devon. With more than 150 new saddles in stock, in the majority of cases we can provide you with a new saddle on the same day, ensuring you don't have to wait weeks for your new saddle to arrive.

Importantly, we will never try to sell you a saddle that doesn't fit. If we do not have a saddle in stock to fit both horse and rider, we will order the required size and style direct from the manufacturer.

Saddles for all equestrian pursuits

As new saddle experts and Society of Master Saddlers qualified saddle fitters, we stock all types of saddles:

  • Dressage saddles
  • Jumping saddles
  • Cross country saddles
  • General purpose saddles
  • Close contact saddles
  • Endurance saddles
  • Polo saddles

We also make bespoke English leather saddles, which are generally no more expensive than a standard saddle.

Choose from leading saddle manufacturers

We stock English leather saddles in the above styles from the following leading saddle manufacturers:

We also stock synthetic saddles from the following manufacturers:

  • Wintec
  • Thoroughgood


With more than 50 years of combined experience in the equestrian industry, we are happy to recommend products we feel are value for money, supreme quality and effective.

We have carefully selected, tested and approved all of the numnahs, girths and bridles below, which are available to purchase via our online shop or at our Saddle Studio on the Nutwell Estate in Exeter.


The Optimal Fit numnah from Nutwell Saddlery and Griffin Nuumed For many years, we have been looking for the ultimate numnah that aids us in our saddle fitting. It is often the case that a saddle may need some lift in the front or behind, or just some extra padding that cannot be achieved through reflocking.

As we all know, horses also change shape summer to winter but it is not financially viable to change the saddle twice a year! A numnah that can help with minor alterations and complement fitting has therefore long been on our wish list.

In collaboration with Griffin Nuumed, we have designed our own correction numnah, Optimal Fit, which meets all of our requirements in ensuring the best possible fit for horse and rider.

The Optimal Fit numnah is available exclusively from Nutwell Saddlery and in pony, cob, full and extra large sizes. It is semi-lined in wool and is available in black, brown or white.

Girths Wintec Chafless Elastic Girth

Our current best-selling girth is the Wintec Chafless Elastic Girth, available in GP or dressage. It features unique elastic at the centre so pressure is evenly transferred with no pressure points or ridges. Combined with soft anti-galling material and a curved shape to prevent pinching, the Wintec Chafless Elastic Girth is super comfortable as well as very durable and easy to clean.

If you'd like an extra elegant look in the dressage area, we also sell Wintec's Pro Elastic Girth, which offers the same great benefits but with an equisuede surface.

Ideal Affinity Girths

Many of us who own ponies and cob types suffer from saddles slipping back. This can be due to breed, confirmation and weight and often it's a problem that seems impossible to overcome - until now.

Ideal has developed an Affinity girth to prevent the saddle slipping back. Made from softly padded English leather, the girth is ergonomically designed to sit in the groove of a horse with a forward girth line. A great solution for those nuisance shoulders!

Albion and Frank Baines Girths

We also stock Albion and Frank Baines girths to match the stunning range of saddles in our studio.

Bridles Albion, Jefferies and GFS

We are very fussy about the leather we like and dislike (Janet more than most!!) so the bridles we choose are very high quality and beautifully. Our range includes Albion, Jefferies and GFS bridles, available in all sizes and both black and Havana.